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Year 9 Options Information 2018-19

Please use the links below to find all the information required for this year’s options process. This information has been shared with Year 9 students in two assemblies. All form teachers are available for further advice, as are Mr Graham, Head of Year 9, and Mr Mackinney, Assistant Head, Timetable and Curriculum.

In addition to these options, we are very interested to hear from any students who have music grade certificates, dance grade certificates or speak foreign languages that are not taught at St Michael’s. Please inform your form teacher if this is the case.

  • Please click here to view the timeline for the options process
  • Please click here to view a short presentation on how the process will work
  • Please click here for a guide on how to log in to Options Online.


The following subjects are studied by everyone:-

The following subjects will be available to choose as options: