St Michael's
We believe that a three way partnership between the school, its students and their parents is vital to success


St Michael’s Church of England High School insists on high standards of uniform. It is important that students take pride in their appearance and are aware of the impression their appearance makes within the community. St Michael’s Church of England High School seeks to promote a sense of belonging and shared identity through the implementation of its uniform policy.  

The Headteacher will be the arbiter in all matters relating to uniform, dress and appearance. Parents/carers and students are advised to consult a member of the School Leadership Team if they are considering uniform, dress or appearance changes that might conflict with the school policy. 

Any student who arrives out of uniform; in unsuitable uniform; wearing inappropriate jewellery; or with an unsuitable hairstyle or hair colour may be removed from lessons and their parent/carer contacted.  A record will be made in a student’s file.  If a student persistently ignores the uniform code, the school will need to employ further sanctions.

St Michael's Church of England High School Uniform Policy

School uniform can be purchased from the following website´╗┐: