St Michael's
We believe that a three way partnership between the school, its students and their parents is vital to success

Success Through Partnership

St Michael's Church of England High School has a commitment to achieving success through partnership. We believe that a three-way partnership between the school, its students and their parents is vital to success and this vision has been drawn up to set out what can reasonably be expected by all concerned.

What St Michael’s expects of its students

High Standards of:

  • Work
  • Behaviour
  • Politeness and courtesy
  • Appearance
  • Attendance and punctuality

Respect for:

  • the views and well-being of others
  • those in authority
  • the local community
  • the environment in which we live

 Responsibility in:

  • bringing the correct books and equipment to classes
  • meeting work deadlines
  • carrying out duties
  • contributing to school life
  • caring for fellow members of the school community

What St Michael’s Asks of Parents

Support for the school:

  • in applying its rules
  • in maintaining school uniform standards
  • when special events are staged
  • when sanctions are necessary

Encouragement for your daughter/son:

  • to attend regularly and punctually
  • to complete work set
  • to participate in school events
  • to demonstrate a positive attitude towards learning

Action in terms of:

  • keeping the school informed
  • attending parents’ consultation evenings
  • ahecking the student’s planner


What St Michael’s Offers

Quality in terms of:

  • caring and supportive staff
  • innovative and effective teaching
  • a concern for high personal standards
  • resources and materials

Opportunities for extended learning experiences through:

  • out of school activities
  • residential visits and field trips
  • community involvement
  • work experience
  • study support

Individual attention through:

  • individual monitoring, review and guidance for every student
  • additional support for those in need
  • listening to ideas, views and concerns
  • detailed and informative reporting to parents
  • parental consultation evenings
  • contacting parents promptly to share information
  • recognising and rewarding achievements