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Speak Out Safely Campaign

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Speak Out Safely is a campaign in school where you can feel safe to report any worries or concerns about yourself or another student who may be being bullied. 

With the Speak Out Safely campaign there are a variety of safe ways that you can report your worries and concerns:

  • Report to a member of staff directlyTell Staff.png
  • Complete Speak Out Safely Cards and post in drop boxes
  • Email


speak out safely form poster

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The Speak Out Safely Report Cards are available in the Library and Reception area. These can then be posted in the white drop boxes around school. These will be collected at the end of each day and incidents will be dealt with by the appropriate members of staff as soon as possible.

White droboxes can be located all around school:

  • Reception
  • Dining Hall Stairs
  • Humanities Hub
  • English/MFL Hub
  • Math/Science Hub
  • DT Hub
  • Performing Arts Hub
  • Library