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Pastoral Team

Pastoral Team Changes

St Michael’s Church of England High School has a long history of providing strong pastoral support to its students ensuring they learn, develop and grow into well- rounded individuals who leave school with good academic grades. 

So why the change?

Over the years, the role of the Pastoral Team has evolved to meet the ever-changing issues that our students face.  As a result, we have been able to offer pioneering workshops such as 21st Century Child that offers informative talks by guest speakers and advice/guidance to parents about issues children face in today’s society.

To remain current, up-to-date and at the forefront of pastoral support, we have made changes to the Pastoral Team for the start of the 2017/18 academic year.

What has changed?

The previous format of the Pastoral Team consisted of five 5 Assistant Heads of Years who remained linked to their year group throughout their time at St Michael’s. 

We felt that this system could be improved, to better utilise the individual skills and strengths of the team members, thus providing a more personal, consistent approach to pastoral support within the school.

The new pastoral team roles are:

Andrew Turner – Assistant Head of Year 7 and Transition Co-ordinator

As well as assisting the Head of Year 7, Andrew will be liaising more closely with local Primary schools to work with children who choose St Michael’s as their Secondary school.  The benefits of this include a smoother transition for the Year 6 students, closer ties with Primaries and early identification of students who may need additional support at St Michael’s.

Kerrie Swanson – Assistant Head of KS3 (Years 8 and 9)

Kerrie will assist the Head of Years 8 and 9 in the daily running of the year groups and all that the role encompasses.  She will also liaise closely with Andrew and Rosie to ensure the transition between Key Stages is seamless and that students continue to receive the best possible support.

Rosie Lowe – Assistant Head of KS4 (Years 10 and 11)

In addition to being the Assistant Head of Years 10 & 11, Rosie will also guide the students through their final two years at St Michael’s in which they sit their GCSE exams.  This can be a difficult, stressful time for students and continued strong pastoral support is vital.

Jenna Preston – Pastoral Support Team – Refocus and Behaviour

Jenna will oversee the running of the school’s ‘Refocus’ facility, ensuring students have a clear understanding of why they may have fallen short of the school’s expectations and that they learn from their mistakes and move forward in a positive manner.  The role will also provide a more consistent approach when dealing with behaviour across all year groups. 

Marie Prime – Pastoral Support Team: SEMH (Social, Emotional and Mental Health)

Marie’s new role within the school will be to support students across all year groups with SEMH needs.  She will work closely with external agencies to provide numerous options for students to access the help they require whilst at school.

All Pastoral Team members will conduct 1:1 sessions with students and, where necessary, put an intervention into place or refer for external interventions.  They will also hold meetings with parents and attend relevant meetings regarding students under their care.

Home/school relationships

As a team, we would like to say thank you for supporting the school and us in what we do.  Our roles, and the work we do can be difficult at times but with parental support, we can be highly effective and make a real impact.