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We believe that a three way partnership between the school, its students and their parents is vital to success

News - October to December


Thank youThank youThank you

Following our Ofsted inspection in November 2017, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the process. My special thanks go to …

  • The Diocese; especially Reverend Shelton, for your backing and trust.
  • The Local Authority; especially Chris Ward and Stephen Rayner, for your continual support and encouragement.
  • The Governors, for your commitment, hard work, understanding and diligence.
  • The SLT: you are the most talented, professional, dedicated, wonderful leadership team I have ever had the privilege to work with. Thank you.
  • The Associate Assistant Heads of Pupil Premium and Transition/Behaviour: what you have achieved in a year is incredible.
  • The Directors of English & Literacy, Maths & Numeracy and Science & High Prior Attainers: your dedication and strategic brilliance is hugely appreciated.
  • Subject Leaders: you led your teams with calm, effective and magnificent guidance.
  • Pastoral leaders: you conducted yourselves with professionalism and enthusiasm, demonstrating to Inspectors our commitment to provide outstanding care for our children.
  • Subject Middle Leaders: your impact on Key Stage 3 has been truly phenomenal.
  • The Pastoral team: your knowledge of your pupils was exceptional, demonstrating that at St Michael’s, every child really does matter.
  • Those who have led strategies brilliantly (Student Voice; Community Liaison; CIAG; LAC and EAL; MA&T, PHSE and Citizenship; Whole-school Ethos etc): you make us proud every single day.
  • The SEND team: your tireless work to drive inclusivity is greatly appreciated.
  • The NQT/RQTs who spoke so compellingly and positively about their training and experiences.
  • Every pupil who spoke to the Inspectors: thank you for being polite, courteous, engaging, articulate, mature and proud of your school.
  • Every teacher who was observed: your planning and execution of the lesson was a credit to the profession.
  • Every pupil who was not spoken to by an Inspector but whose impeccable behaviour influenced them to describe our children as sensible, calm, orderly and confident.
  • Every teacher who was not observed: your careful preparation and dedication are truly appreciated.
  • Clerical, Office and Reception staff, many of whom stayed with us late into the night for both nights: you are the wonderful backbone of the school.
  • LSAs, LSPs, Cover Supervisors and Academic Coaches: your contribution to lessons was exceptional, making a tangible difference to the children’s learning experience.
  • Our Library staff: as always, you provided a beautiful haven for so many of our avid readers.
  • Science, DT and IT technicians: as always, you helped your departments run like well-oiled machines.
  • The canteen staff and dinner ladies: you worked your magic to ensure that we were all happily well nourished.
  • The Site staff: as always, worked so hard to ensure that everything about the building and grounds was immaculate.
  • Everyone who wished us well: your kind thoughts really were greatly appreciated.
  • Every parent who was kind enough to respond positively to the questionnaire and the members of our community who sent encouraging messages to us: they really did make a difference.

 Thank you.

 Jayne Gray, Headteacher


On behalf of the PE department and our students, we would like to say a big thank you to Integrated Water Services (IWS) for our new kits and their sponsorship of our school football teams.


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Antibullying week 2017.png


To celebrate anti-bullying week, staff and students at St Michael’s held a full timetable of workshops, visiting speakers and activities led by our partnership agencies.  All were specifically designed to enable students and staff to recognise, identify and challenge all types of bullying and to support the school’s ethos of spirituality and peace, thus strengthening our fundamental principle, commitment to Christian values “to show love, care and kindness to all in our community. To value what we have and to share with others”.


 Life Changing Decisions – Aaron Jarvis

Aaron is an ex-gang member who was involved in high levels of serious crime who has since reformed his life and is now passionate about helping young people to clearly understand the consequences of gang and crime involvement and the impact that it has on the person themselves, their loved ones and the wider community.

  Knife Crime – Alison Cope

He said I love you, the next time I saw him he was dead - Alison Cope is, and always will be, the proud mum of Joshua Ribera, also known as popular Grime artist Depzman. Josh's career had just taken off, with a number one album and planned tours of the UK and Europe. In September 2013, at only 18 years old, he was murdered in a knife attack outside a private party held to commemorate the life of a friend who had been stabbed the previous year.

Alison now works alongside West Midlands Police, and independently, to talk to young people in schools, community organisations and youth offending institutions about the dangers of carrying knives. Her strength in turning the most tragic event any parent can imagine into positive change for other young people is an inspiration to us all.

SHAPE Event – Police and Youth Service

The SHAPE Team, in conjunction with Youth Services, Police and Community Safety Team, ran three workshops which included tackling prejudices and stereotyping and took part in a workshop on the Youth Bus to help compose songs reiterating the anti-bullying message for young people.

Other activities included:

Fusions of Faith – Celebrating Diversity: an understanding of the different faiths both within our school community and in the wider world to develop a more cohesive multi-cultural society.

Big Buddy Training – Training a group of our Year 10 students to support younger students and help them to cope with and overcome issues facing students in school today.

  • Resilience
  • Valuing Difference
  • Art Therapy – The impact of Social Media
  • Relational Aggression Drama Workshop
  • Anger Management – Boxing Workshop
  • Creating an Anti-Bullying Pledge
  • WBA Foundation – Dealing with Stress and Anxiety