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News - October to December


Thank youThank youThank you

Following our Ofsted inspection in November 2017, I would like to thank everyone who participated in the process. My special thanks go to …

  • The Diocese; especially Reverend Shelton, for your backing and trust.
  • The Local Authority; especially Chris Ward and Stephen Rayner, for your continual support and encouragement.
  • The Governors, for your commitment, hard work, understanding and diligence.
  • The SLT: you are the most talented, professional, dedicated, wonderful leadership team I have ever had the privilege to work with. Thank you.
  • The Associate Assistant Heads of Pupil Premium and Transition/Behaviour: what you have achieved in a year is incredible.
  • The Directors of English & Literacy, Maths & Numeracy and Science & High Prior Attainers: your dedication and strategic brilliance is hugely appreciated.
  • Subject Leaders: you led your teams with calm, effective and magnificent guidance.
  • Pastoral leaders: you conducted yourselves with professionalism and enthusiasm, demonstrating to Inspectors our commitment to provide outstanding care for our children.
  • Subject Middle Leaders: your impact on Key Stage 3 has been truly phenomenal.
  • The Pastoral team: your knowledge of your pupils was exceptional, demonstrating that at St Michael’s, every child really does matter.
  • Those who have led strategies brilliantly (Student Voice; Community Liaison; CIAG; LAC and EAL; MA&T, PHSE and Citizenship; Whole-school Ethos etc): you make us proud every single day.
  • The SEND team: your tireless work to drive inclusivity is greatly appreciated.
  • The NQT/RQTs who spoke so compellingly and positively about their training and experiences.
  • Every pupil who spoke to the Inspectors: thank you for being polite, courteous, engaging, articulate, mature and proud of your school.
  • Every teacher who was observed: your planning and execution of the lesson was a credit to the profession.
  • Every pupil who was not spoken to by an Inspector but whose impeccable behaviour influenced them to describe our children as sensible, calm, orderly and confident.
  • Every teacher who was not observed: your careful preparation and dedication are truly appreciated.
  • Clerical, Office and Reception staff, many of whom stayed with us late into the night for both nights: you are the wonderful backbone of the school.
  • LSAs, LSPs, Cover Supervisors and Academic Coaches: your contribution to lessons was exceptional, making a tangible difference to the children’s learning experience.
  • Our Library staff: as always, you provided a beautiful haven for so many of our avid readers.
  • Science, DT and IT technicians: as always, you helped your departments run like well-oiled machines.
  • The canteen staff and dinner ladies: you worked your magic to ensure that we were all happily well nourished.
  • The Site staff: as always, worked so hard to ensure that everything about the building and grounds was immaculate.
  • Everyone who wished us well: your kind thoughts really were greatly appreciated.
  • Every parent who was kind enough to respond positively to the questionnaire and the members of our community who sent encouraging messages to us: they really did make a difference.

 Thank you.

 Jayne Gray, Headteacher


On behalf of the PE department and our students, we would like to say a big thank you to Integrated Water Services (IWS) for our new kits and their sponsorship of our school football teams.


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