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Sandwell Schools Badminton Competition 2018

Pupils at St Michael’s Church of England High School have been improving their physical fitness by attending weekly extra-curricular activities such as football, basketball, netball, fitness and badminton.

These extended learning opportunities aim to help pupils to learn and practise their sporting skills by engaging in competitive activities and vigorous exercise. This is in line with the Department of Health and Social Care and NHS guidelines, which suggest that children and young people need to exercise to stay healthy. 

Fourteen pupils that attend the badminton club had the spectacular opportunity to attend a perennially popular competition at Oldbury Academy, which has been running annually since 2010.  

On the day of the badminton competition, the pupils demonstrated exemplary behaviour and sporting etiquette. They dominated the games with their incredible vibrancy, skills and competitive nature to win and be the best on and off the court. 

They all personified what St Michael’s PE department represents, which is to express yourself with style and dedication. 

I was particularly impressed by each pupil’s resilience and determination to win and not give up when playing against players with more experience.

Mr Butler 


Boys U16: 2nd Place 

Girls U16: 3rd Place 

Money Laundering - children being exploited

Children being used as ‘money mules’ was highlighted by BBC news recently. This links to the exploitation of children, particularly to Criminal Exploitation, and County Lines.

Children are ‘losing’ bank cards, having bank cards in their names which parents don’t know about or being in possession of bank cards in other people’s names. This is an additional indicator of trafficking and exploitation.

Please see the BBC news report link which highlights this issue:

Kent grammar pupils 'targeted as money mules'

PC Hughie Treasure MBE

Young Person Officer, Sandwell Police Station, Moor Street, West Bromwich B70 7AQ

Mobile: 07393763145        Phone: 101 ext 8113045       Twitter @PCTreasureWMP 

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Knife Crime Amongst Young People

Click here to access a video by West Midlands Police about the effects of knife crime. Please be aware that the film contains graphic descriptions of emergency medical procedures used to save victims of knife crime. Some people may find the film upsetting. 


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