St Michael's
We believe that a three way partnership between the school, its students and their parents is vital to success


The LRC holds fiction and non-fiction books, DVDs and magazines

How many items can you borrow?

Students can borrow 2 books for up to 2 weeks. or 1 Audiobook and 1 book or 1 book and 1 DVD.

DVDs are loaned for 2 nights.

Audiobooks are loaned for 2 weeks, students are only permitted to loan 1 audiobook at a time.

What happens if your book is overdue or if you lose it?

Once a book is overdue for 2 weeks we assume that the book is lost. The students are then charged £5 for lost/damaged books on ParentPay or alternatively asked to supply a new replacement from a bookshop, unfortunately the student cannot loan any items from the library until their account is clear´╗┐.




Updated March 2019