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Careers in Key Stage 3

Any Questions about Careers, University or generally about your future don’t hesitate to contact Mr P Stafford

In Year 7

  • Careers Education and Guidance is very important in early years at school
  • You will be introduced to Fast Tomato. This will also include an introduction to the Careers Library, 
  • E-Clips and careers research skills

To access the Year 7 scheme of work please click here.

In Year 8

  • You will continue to use Fast Tomato and E-Clips.
  • For the password to E-Clips, see Mr. P Stafford

To access the Year 8 scheme of work please click here.

In Year 9

  • You will have to make your subject choices for GCSE. It is important that you keep as broad a range of subjects as possible over and above the core subjects.
  • You will complete a careers questionnaire to look at your career ideas for the future.
  • You will take part in a variety of activities – e.g. University visits to see what life is like.

To access the Year 9 scheme of work please click here.