St Michael's
We believe that a three way partnership between the school, its students and their parents is vital to success

Key Staff

St Michael's C of E HIgh School Leadership Team are responsible for the local leadership and management of the School on behalf of the Governing Body, within the strategic framework.  The Leadership Team has responsibility and accountability for:

  • The School Improvement Plan
  • Educational Standards, delivery of Teaching & Learning, Curriculum and Timetable
  • Staffing including Management, Recruitment, Training and PMR
  • Student Assessment and Results
  • Attendance & Behaviour
  • Safeguarding & Wellbeing
  • Parent & Community Liaison


Headteacher - Mrs Jayne Gray


Senior  Leadership Team
Deputy Headteacher, Teaching, Learning and Progress  Miss Christina Handy
Deputy Headteacher, Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare  Mrs Carolyn Hill
Assistant Headteacher, Teaching and Learning  Miss Faye Jeffreys
Assistant Headteacher, Timetable and Curriculum Mr Damien Mackinney
Assistant Headteacher, Progress Mr Alan Brooks
Assistant Headteacher, Facilities and Resources  Mr Wayne Hill
Associates to the Leadership Team
Associate Assistant Headteacher, Disadvantaged Students & Pupil Premium  Mr Chris Bending 
Associate Assistant Headteacher, Behaviour  Mrs Wendy Hill 
Associate Assistant Headteacher, Literacy  Ms Lindsay Mitchell-Barnes
Associate Assistant Headteacher, Numeracy  Mr Shaun Smith
Associate Assistant Headteacher, High Prior Attainers Mrs Sarah Beardsmore
Heads of Year
Transition Coordinator Mrs Wendy Hill  
Year 7 Mr Jordan Graham
Year 8   Mr Andrew Carriere  
Year 9 Mrs Teresa McDonald  
Year 10 Miss Claire Gardner  
Year 11 Mr Stuart Dix  
Assistant Heads of Year
Year 7 Mr Andrew Turner  
Year 8 Mrs Kerrie Swanson  
Year 9  Miss Jenna Preston  
Year 10 Miss Rosie Lowe  
Year 11 Mrs Marie Prime  
Special Educational Needs    
Years 9, 10 & 11 Mrs Mailene Graham  
Year 7 & 8 Miss Tab Caan