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We believe that a three way partnership between the school, its students and their parents is vital to success


Why is homework important to us?

The ability to think and work independently is a skill necessary for any young person to flourish when entering higher education and the modern workplace. It is also essential for their emotional and mental wellbeing. Young people need to be confident that they know how to organise themselves to meet deadlines, that they can be resourceful in finding and assimilating information and that they can do tasks without adult supervision. Students who have these skills are more confident, more relaxed and better prepared when sitting their exam: consequently going on to achieve better grades. Homework is a key tool in helping young people acquire the skills and knowledge that they need for the next steps in their education/employment.

What are the aims of our homework policy and practice? 

  • To help students learn how to work hard independently, giving them the satisfaction of knowing that they can be successful by and for themselves.
  • To ensure that students have the opportunity to explore and develop creative ideas away from the constraints of the classroom. 
  • To help students develop good working habits ready for revising for exams.
  • To allow teachers to spend more time in the classroom extending and assessing students’ understanding. 
  • To allow students more practice time in the areas of study that they need to develop so that they can perform well in public exams with greater confidence.
  • Students can show teachers what they can do independently. 

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 Homework policy

Year 7 Homework Provision 

Year 8 Homework Provision

Year 9 Homework Provision

Year 10 Homework Provision

Year 11 Homework Provision