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Design Technology

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The curriculum delivered focuses on introducing pupils into the fundamental skills of Designing and Making in a range of materials and products. The course is delivered in a carousel of activities/topics throughout each year of KS3. Pupils typically complete 5 projects per year in the areas of graphics, food, textiles and resistant materials.

What skills will pupils develop?

In the projects covered, all pupils will:

  • research topics, themes, materials and techniques
  • design creatively and plan how products will be made
  • develop skills to make products
  • undertake safe working
  • make a product
  • evaluate products

What will help pupils to learn?

  • good organisation and self-motivation
  • good drawing and creative practical skills
  • willingness to work with precision and accuracy
  • determination, commitment and resilience
  • being fully equipped for the subject
  • access to the internet at home
  • having a craft/cooking/practical hobby or interest

KS3 Course Structure

At KS3, the students take part in five projects per year. Typically, pupils rotate to a new project every 7-8 weeks and develop designing and making skills in:

  • Food (hospitality and catering)
  • Textiles
  • Resistant materials (wood, metal and plastic)
  • Graphics (drawing, presenting and making in card)

Projects vary from year to year but challenge increases each time a pupil returns to an area for a new project. For example:

1. Food:            Year 7 - Basic cooking skills

                        Year 8 - Specialist diets

                        Year 9 -  Pastries

 2. Textiles:       Year 7 - Basic skills - Marine life

                        Year 8 -  Inspired by confectionary

                        Year 9 - Fashion illustration & design

 3. Graphics:      Year 7 - Packaging / Lettering

                        Year 8 - Celebrations - Festivals

                        Year 9 - Memphis design / Blister packs

 4. Res.Mats:     Year 7 - Trinket box and key fob

                        Year 8 - Automata

                        Year 9 - Mood light

KS3 Assessment

Students will be assessed during each project based on the work produced during lesson time. Students will also have the opportunity to embed their knowledge and understanding of the subject by taking part in a wide range of homework activities. Assessment undertaken using 9-1 GCSE grades that are in line with GCSE Design and Technology, food and art grades.

KS4 Course Structure

The skills learnt in KS3 provide a foundation for a range of subjects at KS4. Currently, the school does not offer KS4 GCSE Design and Technology

KS4 Assessment



Mr D. Hughes

Head of Department

Mr C. Murphy

Head of Art

Miss C. Barnett

NQT Induction Tutor and Teacher of DT and Textiles

Mrs W. Hill

Associate Assistant Headteacher and Teacher of Food/Hospitality

Mr A. Malone

Teacher of Art and DT

Opportunities out of lessons

  • homework
  • hobbies/ interests
  • interventions sessions
  • STEM clubs/trips

Career Pathways in this subject

See GCSE subjects on offer such as Textiles, Graphics and Hospitality/Catering