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Design Technology

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The curriculum focuses on introducing pupils to the fundamental skills of designing and making with a range of materials and products. The course is delivered in a carousel of activities/ topics throughout each year of KS3. Pupils typically complete 5 projects per year in the areas of graphics, food, textiles and resistant materials.

What skills will pupils develop?

In the projects covered, all pupils will:

  • Research topics, themes, materials and techniques
  • Design creatively and plan how products will be made
  • Develop skills to make products
  • Safe working
  • Make a product
  • Evaluate products

What will help pupils to learn?

  • Well organised and self-motivated
  • Good drawing and creative practical skills
  • Willingness to with precision and accuracy
  • Determination, commitment and resilience
  • Being fully equipped for the subject
  • Access to the internet at home
  • Having a craft/cooking/practical hobby or interest

KS3 Course Structure

At KS3 the students take part in five projects per year. Typically, pupils rotate to a new project every 7-8 weeks and develop designing and making skills in: 

  • Food (hospitality and catering)
  • Textiles
  • Resistant materials (wood, metal and plastic)
  • Graphics (drawing, presenting and making in card)

Projects vary from year to year but challenge increases each time a pupil returns to an area for a new project. For example:


  • Year 7 - Basic cooking skills
  • Year 8 - Specialist diets
  • Year 9 -  Pastries


  • Year 7 -  Juggling bags
  • Year 8 -  Doorstops
  • Year 9 - Hats


  • Year 7 - Packaging
  • Year 8 - Celebrations
  • Year 9 - Memphis design

Resistant Materials:

  • Year 7 - Trinket box and key fob
  • Year 8 - Automata
  • Year 9 - Mood light

KS3 Assessment

Students will be assessed during each project; these are based on work produced during lesson time. Students will also have the opportunity to embed their knowledge and understanding of the subject by taking part in a wide range of homework activities.  Assessment is used using 1-9 GCSE grades that are in line with GCSE Design and Technology, food and art grades.

KS4 Course Structure

The skills learnt in KS3 provide a foundation for a range of subjects at KS4. Currently, the school does not offer KS4 GCSE Design and Technology

KS4 Assessment



Mr D Hughes – Head of Department

Mr C Murphy – Second in Department

Mr A Malone

Miss C Barnett

Mrs P Cotton

Mrs W Hill

Mrs T McDonald

Opportunities out of lessons

  • Homework
  • Hobbies/interests
  • Interventions sessions
  • STEM clubs / trips

Career Pathways in this subject

See GCSE subjects on offer such as textiles, graphics and hospitality/catering.