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We believe that a three way partnership between the school, its students and their parents is vital to success
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Through reference to innovation and informed by our Christian vision, we ensure that the curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of all pupils the school serves.  

Linked to the school’s vision, we work resolutely to assure the inclusion and support of vulnerable pupils, including those with learning difficulties, that enable all to flourish.

Our curriculum reflects a pedagogical approach that actively enables pupils to explore and reflect upon the spiritual and ethical dimensions of all subjects.

The purpose of our school curriculum is to prepare students for life after school in the best possible way. We do this through a broad and balanced subject offering. Students will be successful in adult life if they have exam success and a wider range of skills and knowledge that aren’t examined in GCSEs.

Every student follows a broad curriculum to the end of Year 9 when they choose their GCSE options. We also still offer three option subjects, again with the intention of keeping the curriculum as varied as possible. This will maintain student interest and put them in a position to achieve a wider range of qualifications, making them more attractive to colleges and employers.

Many schools are narrowing their curriculum by cutting creative arts and design technology, but it is our belief that these areas can offer wider life skills. We also believe that for many students these subjects are actually their favourite part of the week. By keeping these subjects as a strong and successful aspect of the curriculum, we believe students will be motivated across the whole curriculum.

In addition to a broad and balanced curriculum, there is a strong focus on the core skills of English, mathematics and science. The English department has additional literacy lessons, but we also emphasise that literacy is important across the whole curriculum and every subject is engaged with improving reading and writing skills through work set and assessment.

We also provide additional literacy and numeracy support during form time, including numeracy challenges and literacy targets. Above all, we aim to give students confidence in these areas in order to help them enjoy all subjects and be strong candidates for high-quality employment opportunities that exist in this area.

We also educate students in Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) through weekly lessons with their form teacher, and weekly assemblies. From 2018, every student will have the chance to take a GCSE in citizenship. The curriculum for this subject offers a great opportunity for students to understand the role they play in society and how they can be successful through their own endeavours and through working with other people.

Each teacher has a variety of ways of engaging students and every day at St Michael’s, every student will be exposed to many different activities and learning environments. There will be group work, individual writing tasks, physical activity, practical skills and good old-fashioned “book learning” all thrown into the mix.

At St Michael’s, you can be sure your child will have a fully rounded experience and will be ready for the challenges of the future.

For further information about the curriculum at St Michael's Church of England High School, please contact Mr Damien Mackinney on 0121 561 6881 or by email at