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We believe that a three way partnership between the school, its students and their parents is vital to success
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About Us


As a Church of England School and a Full-Service Extended School, St Michael’s prides itself in providing all students with a wide range of learning opportunities, high-quality teaching and excellent levels of care, guidance and support. St Michael’s Church of England High School has a strong commitment to inclusion.

The school admits children with a wide range of abilities, children from different religions, cultural and social backgrounds, and children with special educational needs. All of our students are helped to achieve their full potential through a personalised approach to both the learning process itself and to the support available within and beyond the school. Education has the power to change people’s lives and we believe that success in terms of both academic and personal development occurs through a three-way partnership between the student, the home and the school. This is emphasised in the way in which our Home-School Agreement is presented and in our mission statement: Success Through Partnership. The partnership begins with ensuring a smooth transition from primary school to St Michael’s Church of England High School. This is achieved by an extensive programme of familiarisation visits to our school, accompanied by meetings of our staff with their primary colleagues in order for your child’s current level of attainment to be recognised and built upon from their first day here. When Year 7 students start at St Michael’s Church of England High School a “Settling-in” evening is held during the first term to inform parents of initial progress.

Throughout the school, form tutors oversee the welfare and progress of each student, supporting them in their learning. Teaching takes place within subject departments, led by specialist staff who place great importance on maximising each child’s potential by setting challenging learning targets.

The school creates a disciplined learning environment through a code of conduct which emphasises the importance of politeness, respect for others and a pride in one’s appearance. An awards system exists to reward achievement in all areas of school life. When work or behaviour is not satisfactory, sanctions are applied firmly, fairly and consistently.

Within this framework, which encourages everyone to have high expectations, students are helped to achieve and enjoy success. As a result, they gain the knowledge, skills and personal qualities that enable them to progress with confidence as they take their place in society. St Michael’s Church of England High School invite you to find out more by visiting the school to talk to the staff and students.